A handy utensil case that attaches to the pocket of your uniform
FinnPocket has been designed for nurses by nurses!


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FinnPocket is a handy utensil case that fits the pocket of your uniform.

FinnPocket utensil case holds your pens and utensils in place and
   prevents them from falling.

FinnPocket is made of durable leather with sewed seams to avoid tearing.

A key chain can be attached to FinnPocket’s hook.

FinnPocket attaches to your uniform with a secure needle.

FinnPocket leather utensil case is handmade in Finland.

A name tag can be attached to FinnPocket.

FinnPocket utensil case is an excellent gift idea!

FinnPocket is well-tried and popular in the health care industry!

FinnPocket utensil case is available in several colors.

Screen colors are only indicative of the actual color


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